Cluster international Limited is a private limited company operating with experienced & high qualified engineers having two decade of experiences in three vital Sectors:
i)          Technology
ii)         Automation

Cluster believes that our #1 Priority is our customer, and our job ends only when customers are satisfied with the committed work done. Our strengths we are :

Solution Provider:

spAs a solution provider; we comprehensively handles the project needs of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) requirements and ensures that the whole project is completed as required and in time. Cluster has extensive professional experience executing projects of complex size, ensuring clients a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value. This process normally involves studying need assessment, analysis, planning, design, specification, implementation, test and commissioning.


System Integrator:

siCluster is well known as a System Integrator in Bangladesh. We supply and install right match of product against the requirements. After successful implementation, we provide test and commissioning and supply AS-BUILT Drawing or Documentation. We provide quality range of well-known brand products to fulfill judicious choice and satisfaction of customers. All technical staffs are formally accredited and trained, ensuring that they are fully equipped with the skills they need to implement and support the technologies.


Service Provider:

srpWe provide our customers with the best Support Service against Solution & Integration through single-point-of contact. We provide easy and reliable access to our right experts. We understand that people and processes are as important as products. We believe in delivering the top-notch quality of products and solutions through a qualified technical team. We provide one stop services that add value through a combination of reliable day-to-day support, quality and well planned guidance.



What will Cluster do for you?

hsCluster brings forward a suitable “match” for you. Cluster begins by reviewing with you-your “wish list”.  Based on our discussions and analysis Cluster give you straight talk regarding what solution, products and services are available, what Cluster  feel will be the most suitable match for you.  Cluster takes the role of “the devil’s advocate” to ensure that everything is covered on your requirements if agreed to continue under contract.


How will Cluster do it?

work_processWe will draw upon our extensive professional experience, certified resources, relevant knowledge and in-depth research of service to the solution will satisfy your requirements.